The best leggings I have ever had!

I am not your typical “girlie girl”. I do like clothes to a certain degree but do not delight in going shopping all day, trying on a zillion outfits and picking out all the accessories to match!  My mom has always told me “Jackie, one day you will have a job that you can basically wear your pajama’s to work.”  Pretty much this is true!  J  I honestly TRY to shun away from wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt for work.  I do enjoy to be comfortable since I am in a gym all day with middle school students but at the same time I do like to look respectable.

In March right before C’s 5th birthday I had heard everyone talk about “butter leggings”.  I said I will NEVER wear leggings (first mistake, never say never)!!!!  A few days had passed and I see more and more of these leggings on facebook groups.  I am starting to doubt my first statement and CONSIDERING these leggings.  I put a feeler out to my friends “Have you EVER heard of these Lularoe Leggings?”   That was a silly question…of course all of my friends had since I’m always the last on the fashion train.  I saw a pair of car leggings that my son said I would be “the coolest mom ever “ if I wore them to his birthday party.  As ANY Mom does… off to ANY and EVERY facebook Lularoe pop-up sale I could find looking for car leggings.    After the outrageous announcement to my friends that I am looking for the car leggings, they all help me look for them.  A few days goes by, my best friend sends me a picture to ask me if these were them (they were).  That was all it took…I am HOOKED.   I really could not believe how soft they are.   If you do not have any I would highly advise that you at least go to a pop-up sale and try them on.

Lularoe is a direct sale company with a twist. Each consultant buys their inventory but cannot pick out what prints they receive of the item.    They carry several different styles of shirts, skirts, dresses (some with pockets) and even a kid’s line.  Just because your best friend is selling does not mean you cannot buy from another consultant, they will have different prints!!!  Lularoe only makes certain about of one particular item in the print.  Learn from my mistake if you like something do not wait and think about it or you will be on a wild goose chase! Leggings start off for $25.

If you are looking to earn some extra money to put towards your family budget Lularoe might be for you. You do have to buy your inventory up front, just like with any other direct sales you also earn money for anyone that signs up under you.

If you have never heard of them I would say at least give them an attempt! I would start with the leggings and work from there.  I am the girl that said NEVER EVER and now I own 5 pairs of leggings.

If you do not know where to begin Rachele Hirsch-Brooks will be more than happy to help you. Check out her facebok page,  she has online parties often!!!!

Earlier this year I had a post regarding,How to make extra money on Snow Days!” I am here to inform you of the update after the sale. During that cold snowy winter afternoon while I was tagging and sorting clothes preparing for the sale in JULY, I know that some of you might have thought that I was over the top. I do have to admit for half of the sales I have done all of my tagging, sorting, and organizing the week before the actual sale. I always work better when I am under pressure! Beach Bum’s Children’s Consignment sale was held July 11-16th at Hampton Roads Academy in Newport News, Virginia. I am very pleased to announce that I made just under $120 and sold 45 out of 71 items. I have made more at other sales but I am also learning that the bigger the clothes get people do not snatch those up as often as they do for the baby items. However, I am still very delighted. I did another spring/summer only sale in April and made $100 at that one. I would have to say that my 3-4 hours on that one snowy afternoon has paid off for roughly $220.

If you have not consigned at a children’s sale I would highly encourage you to research your area for one and HOP ON BOARD. I must admit that I LOVE having a yard sale, consigning or just clearing out “STUFF”. Participating in a consignment sale not only allows you to clear out your garage but I have met wonderful people, who over just a few short sales have turned into FRIENDS.

This year I talked my lifelong best friend into consigning for the first time. I must admit that I was ECSTATIC that she finally gave into me and signed up! The first day after getting out of school for the summer I went over to her house to teach her how to use the consignment computerized system to enter her items, price, and organize her items. This is very easy after your first time. I had signed her up to drop off at the same time as I and even work the same shift I was working. This made the experience a thousand times greater than before. I was a little worried about what she thought about it. Did she not think it was worth it? Did she not feel the same way about it as I do? The week after the sale had ended I asked her if she was happy with it and she was! Then I asked her if she would do it again…..much to my surprise she said YES (WHAT?!?!). I was happy that she finally gave into me to consign her daughters stuff. She cleared just over $300 her first time consigning. I hope I have her accicted after she received her check! J


Come back soon as I have 2 more articles in the work about saving money on school supplies this week at Office Max AND my new secret obsession with a “newer” company called LulaRoe.

It feels good to be back!

Jackie (A busy mom) This is the sale that started my consignment addiction! 

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

The first of the year has always been tough for us and our budget!  Between getting over Christmas, 2 birthday’s in Feb, Valentine’s day, and 2 major Birthday’s the first week of March our budget is pretty well shot!!!

However, as any good mother would, you spend hours among hours on pinterest looking for the “perfect” valentine to send to school.

This year I found the cutest valentine that I had not seen anyone use before.  How cute are these little maze valentines for a pre-school class?  Lil Luna had free printable cards I printed at home on plain white cardstock ( I think they would look better on photo paper though), then I found the mazes at Party City for .40 cents each.  Each valentine cost about .80 cents!!!!

Supplies:  white cardstock, color ink, Mazes, pop-up stickers and Free printable which you can find here

Happy Valentine’s Day!


FREE Cards at CVS

We are at the start of Birthday season in our house (husband is next Tuesday, mine is next Thursday, little man is 3 weeks later and even the dog is 4 weeks later).  Needless to say, we need a few cards coming up between birthday and Valentine’s Day.

Here is the deal:  Buy 3 Hallmark Greeting Cards $0.99, regular price

Buy 3, Receive $2.00 extrabucks through 1/30, Limit 1 *deal varies by region*

Use one $3.00/3 – Hallmark Cards, CVS COUPON (

Pay Nothing, Receive $2.00 extrabucks

Final Price: $2.00 Moneymaker, when you buy 3


Need New Car Seat or other Fun Baby Items?

If you are a Rewards R Us Member with BabiesRUs you can stop by your local store starting February 1-29 to trade in your current Car Seat for a new one and receive 25% off.  The old car seat CAN be expired.  If you are not a reward member you can sign up for free (this is a basic reward card program, not a credit card).

Not only can you trade in car seats but you can also trade in the following for 25% off a new item:  Stroller, travel systems, high chairs, play yard, bassinet, infant swings, bouncers, walkers, cribs, toddler/twin bed and more.

Please go to for Al the details.

Getting Back on a Budget (Even if you don’t think you can)

After many years of yo-yo budgeting my husband and I are finally getting on board with a budget! We like to call this “Getting out of Debt Railroad Express”.

When we were first married I did all of the budget stuff. I can honestly say that I did not get excited each month when it was time to sit down and do our bills and $2 worth of savings.  After a few months of my ADD kicking in and forgetting to pay a bill here or there my husband booted me from this responsibility. I did not mind, this allowed more time for my ADD to get lost in Facebook and Pinterest (for sure my husband could handle this, after all he is a Middle School Math Teacher)



To make a long story really short we have been renting houses for the last 3 years. After much discussion, thoughts and prayers we decided to stay where we are for another year BUT would start the slow ball of applying for a mortgage (At times I feel like you can conceive and carry a child full term before this process is complete). Like any other normal person I checked our credit report; I do not be surprises. Boy, this was a good idea!!!!!! Before I say anything else understand I am that person that freaks out if there is more than $1,000 balance on any credit card! Yes, there was more than $1,000 balance on a card (but not more than $5,000 THANK GOD!) Since we have other debt as well my brain majorly freaked out!!!!

I fired my husband from the budget altogether and started this weekend getting our budget worksheets and bank account up to date. We generously started “Railroad Express “the first of the year (We already saved ~$300 from eating out compared with the amounts from December) but it was time to get this train rolling in full speed.

We took Financial Peace University 3 years ago, which we get off and back on quicker than I knew what to do with!  Our worksheets have been a huge blessing (Thank you McKinley Rich)  I can track how much I have allotted compared with how much we have actually spent on certain categories.    I would highly recommend Dave Ramsey “Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace University no matter what stage of budget you are in.

If you are anything like me you are probably asking how do I save any money when all the money is already accounted for?!?! I am not perfect by ANY MEANS but here are a few things we have committed too: cutting cable (I never thought life would go on without the Real Housewives), cutting out the gym, dropped down a tier with the cell phone company, but our biggest trigger we have greatly reduced our eating out. Spend time doing something to take your mind off of your trigger! Find activities to do at your Local library, host a themed play date (this is cooler than the average play date. Everyone comes dressed up as their favorite character from a book, super hero, occupation, etc., then plan budget friendly activities to do to tie into your theme), find more time for YOU! Instead of wandering around Target or Michaels for countless hours, use that time to learn a new trade/craft or get 10 minutes of exercise. I know I can use the extra time of exercise!!!!!!!!

This will take time to get use too and to keep track of your spending using worksheets but believe me it will be worth it! IMAGINE LIVING DEBT FREE EXCEPT FOR YOUR MORTGAGE IN 4 YEARS OR LESS?!?!? Tell me if that is not worth it!!!

Remember this when you are having the kind of day where you just want to wonder around Target for hours and then go to Chick-fil-A because the kids are driving you insane, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!! If we can do it ANYONE can do it!!!!

example budget spreadsheet :  This is the worksheet we use that McKinley Rich made for us.  This keeps me on track which is hard to do! :  Log onto the Dave Ramsey home page to get more information on his books, classes or even just listen to his Pod Cast.